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5 Minutes or Less Makeup Routine For Moms

I Love makeup, I love creating different looks, nerding out on different products and why they work or don’t work for me. But to be honest, right now my life is just more every day then glam. Because of that my makeup routine has changed no longer do I spend 30+ minutes getting ready unless to go on a date with my hubby. And well, I pick those extra minutes to sleep or read my bible now then getting ready. Trust me there is no need for a full face of makeup when you are headed to the grocery store or story time with the little ones. I am guilty of being that mom with a full face of makeup at story time while wearing yoga pants and flip flops! YES, I know…

I remember deciding I was going to play with my makeup and perk myself up a little bit, but because I spent so much time on my makeup and not calculating the time it really takes to dress a toddler when they don’t want clothes on, while helping your 5 yr old tie their shoes doesn’t really leave you much time for yourself. So there I was that mom with full glam makeup with my hair up in a messy bun because yes I didn’t have time for that either… I just remember laughing at myself and vowing to master a minimal more natural looking makeup routine for those everyday mommy moments.

I have learned there are a few products that are a MUST in my routine, I have also learned which steps I can skip or find products that are multipurpose to make my routine faster. I also wanted to create a routine that is minimal and easy to do in my car on the way to Chruch because we all know about the Sunday morning trying to make it to Bible class on time curse that seems to happen with little kids… to be discussed in another post.. because ladies I am slowly starting to figure out how to break that!

This routine literally takes me 5 minutes and honestly, there are a couple steps you can skip for an even faster time. If you want you can check out my Insta TV to watch how quick this truly is.

                    5 Minutes or Less Makeup Routine 

  1. Embryolisse lait crème concentré -Moisturize, Primer & Mask in one product
    This cream is a little bit pricey I paid $28 but being a dupe for the La Mer Crème Hydratante I say this is totally worth the splurge. If you get it through my link I found it on sale for $19
  2. 3 in 1 Foundation or BB cream
    Honestly, ladies, I skip this step depending on time, otherwise, I have found the new Covergirl Foundation to be the perfect coverage to even out my skin but also hide my sleepless nights.
  3. Milani Tea Rose Blush
    A little blush just gives you that healthy look but hey you can skip this step if you find yourself chasing a toddler a lot, trust me you will naturally have color on your cheeks from this!
  4. Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette Walking on Egg Shells
    I love this palette and have been using this since FOREVER… the perfect shades for a natural everyday look. The best part is you can fill in your brows a little with the darker shade and use it as an eyeliner just depending on time. Sweep the shimmery pink across your lids and the darker shade in your crease for some definition and you will look more awake.
  5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
    Out of all the steps, this is one of the MUST steps I do, I just don’t have long full lashes naturally so I need a little pick me up and that is EXACTLY what this mascara does for me. Doesn’t clump up and makes me appear to have fuller lashes.
  6. Revlon Cushion Lip Tint
    Okay, so I just got this lip tint and WOW I love how it gives my lips a more matte but not drying feel but also a gloss feel and look minus the stickiness of a gloss. Perfect shades for a natural look and ladies if your husband doesn’t like kissing you when you have gloss or lipstick on in general then this is the one to use because it doesn’t transfer onto him once dry.



  1. Danielle says:

    Great advice! You are the Queen Bee when it comes to make-up whether you are going for glammed up date night or the natural beauty that you are. I’ll be watching for more posts!💗

    1. alwaysnatalieb says:

      Thank you! Super sweet!!! 💕 I am excited to write more and see where this goes! So glad you loved the blog !

  2. These are some great suggestions. I’m always looking for ways to cut down on my beauty routine.

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