Loving our husbands through the hard times, through the valleys, and when they are the most unlovable, reveals the gospel in our lives… – Courtney Joseph

Marriage is messy, it’s chaotic and full of trial and errors but it is also so beautiful. Marriage is comfort and warmth on a cold day, it’s that feeling of safety in a large crowd. It’s full of laughter and tears and burnt dinners, marriage is worth fighting for.

When marriage functions as God intended it to, both a husband and wife bring glory to God.

You see our time on earth is a loan through God and I intend to use my time devoted to sharing His grace & love to others.

My marriage has given me the ability to practice humility, patience, and grace. I haven’t been the best wife far from it, but God doesn’t care about the past.

He cares about today, tomorrow and showing my love for Him through my everyday life.

I always wanted to be a wife & mom, career came last in my mind. I never had anything against others who wanted a career but for me being a wife & mommy was everything. Finally, I now have my DREAM JOB and it has been nothing yet at the same time everything I imaged it would be.

My mission is to help encourage wives in their daily lives, as wives after God’s own heart. Mothers raising our children intentionally. Becoming keepers of our home, while taking care of ourselves. Welcome to the blog.

Be the kind of woman who knows that her worth is not measured by what she’s done, where she’s been, or who she was yesterday, but in who she is in Christ today, and the beautiful transformation that has taken place in her life.


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