Cleaning Schedule For The Mom With Little Time

My home was started to get out of control, the laundry was piling up and I started to become stressed out. I realized it was because no matter how Type B go with the flow personality that I am eventually I needed more of a routine in my life. Especially after our youngest came along I am seeing more and more the value of having a routine but also how more at peace I felt when the house was in place.

Being a mom of young boys my life or should I say home sometimes looks as if a tornado hit our place. I also saw how on the weekends when my husband was home that I DID NOT want to spend my time cleaning. We live in an apartment at the moment and I know it SHOULD be way easier to clean but trust me the laundry can still pile up and dishes stack up. Something about having a toddler hanging on you for dear life to the times he wants to “help” clean makes it just so hard at times to clean or be motivated to clean.

Slowly I have found things that are working for me, thanks to the help of my oldest brother and sister in laws and good Ol’ Pinterest. I started finding my own groove and what worked for me and what at times is just not practical in the season I am in.

I came up with this BASIC yet PRACTICAL list of daily/weekly cleaning routine that helps me not get overwhelmed along with prepping the house for when a guest shows up.

This list is something you can simply just print it off and post it on the fridge as a little reminder until it just becomes second nature too you. For an added bonus, you could laminate the list and then as you go check/cross things off the list. There is just something about crossing off items on a list that just motivate me and get me going! Especially when the list isn’t overwhelming, YES ladies this Wife is all about reducing stress and spending more time with my family and friends.

For the free printable click the link at the bottom,

cleaning checklist 

Happy Cleaning!



  1. Super list! It does make such a difference just doing each little chore every day… or sometimes a few times a day! 😉

    1. alwaysnatalieb says:

      That is exactly what I am learning to do in order to get things done with my boys around the house. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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