Humbled Housewife 2019 Blog Update

Hi friends!

I have tried to start up a blog for almost 3/4 years now… So many times I would let self-doubt creep in. I never felt “good enough” especially thanks to Instagram and all those so I thought “perfect” wives, mothers and home decorators not to mention the beauty world.

I let the comparison trap get the best of me, but that is over now. Not only is it 2019 but I just recently turned 29 and I made a promise to my self. I am going to start living my best life not someone else’s.

I am a pro at starting over,
finding a new blog name,
starting a new channel.
Always searching, never really giving my things time to even grow.

somehow I never just thought to evolve my blog or channel until tonight at 1 am. So here I am more at peace then I was when this blog started up and more sure of myself then I have ever been.

I’m far from perfect, laundry is my nemesis, motherhood some days can just drain the life out of me. I have put my husband last more times then I wish to admit.

But that’s just it, God doesn’t ask for perfection… We want perfection and in the process of striving for that, we lose out on our dreams and happiness.

I don’t have to know all there is to the beauty world.
My life doesn’t have to be perfect before I blog.

So I gave this blog a fresh new look and I am excited for the many years to come.


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