Marriage Out Of Darkness

In The Mist Of Darkness

This is where it all begins,

where I would like to start off this series with..

You might be feeling hurt, angry and honestly confused. How did you guys end up here?

What went wrong?

Very rarely do we wake up one morning and say I’m done out of the blue. A fire doesn’t destroy a whole forest without that first spark.. that starts to grow and spread and soon a forest is completely on fire. But you have the ability right now fight that fire keep it from growing and ruining your marriage.

Maybe you are like me and can brush a problem under “the rug” not really realizing the match was lit.

Maybe it wasn’t an affair but how he treats you or how you guys just simply lost the love for each other due to everyday life. I think about it like having good and evil on your shoulder whispering to you…

Bad is whispering things like…

You deserve better, it’s him not you, you would be a better Christian if he was like so and so… Start over, kick him out, you are perfect. He makes you crazy.

He & Only Himself is the problem. Right, something like that.

That is what fuels the anger… Making a situation sometimes worse then it truly is, sadly.

But wait there is still good whispering in your other ear…

Love is patient, love is kind… Forgive as God forgave you…

Remember the good times…

But we are still human and sadly to a fault at times, we can easily process the good and sure we understand what we ought to do but then we process the situation and we tend to let fear and doubt do the processing.

Like if I forgive him and stay then I’m the fool, or maybe it’s just if you choose your marriage, then and ladies this can be such a hard thing for us but….

This is the hard one to face, as humans we are so good at pointing out others flaws but forgot to look at our own flaws. It takes time for our brains to process but honestly ladies I’m not here to tell you that if you do A, B & C  things will go back to normal and you get your marriage back.

Just like when we got baptized our old selves died and we became white as snow. So does our marriage from this moment one. We can choose to say no more to that marriage to the hurt, pain & anger and say YES to a new and beautiful marriage between you too.

Trust me, it is so totally worth it, a preacher used this analogy at church how God isn’t going to let a tree that’s been damaged stay damaged eventually with time and patience it grows back. Just like your marriage with the right work and willingness you too can grow into something so beautiful and amazing.

Grab some coffee & your Bible and let’s talk about how children although a blessing from God, the effects they can have on a marriage and ways to make it stronger.


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