Scriptural Affirmation for Wives

Being a wife & mother is hard work and sometimes we can feel so worn out and alone. The world tells you that you need this PURPOSE and MEANING in your life like you need to be or do more than JUST a wife & mother. Sadly we start to believe the lie, we start to view ourselves as unimportant and if you are anything like me you will start resenting certain aspects of being a wife & mom. Today I am here to tell you that you are IMPORTANT you are ENOUGH.

God VALUES you if you are a mom you are raising the FUTURE, maybe you are married to an unbeliever did you know you that through you God can work in his heart. Maybe things are great in your marriage and home life but you just have this EMPTY feeling at times. I am here to share that YES your life has a PURPOSE even when you are sitting there folding the laundry or cleaning those bathrooms.

I created this free printable to remind you of God’s LOVE and PURPOSE as a Godly Wife & Mother.

scriptural affirmations for wives 


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