Tired Mom, It’s Okay You Are Doing A Great Job

Funny how the one post I kept trying to write happens to be for my motherhood category when my youngest is at the MOST needest moment of his life… I have struggled with what to write about for this post for a while and when I attempted to write about motherhood in the past I would draw this blank. I slowly started to realize it was because I felt like a fraud. How could I write about motherhood when I felt at times like the WORST mother. So I would write about something I felt good at but then God has been placing these people in my life lately. I like to think of them as God’s Angels in disguise and their messages keep hitting me in the heart… To the point where I am like… Okay, God, I am listening, I hear you… Remove the mask, share my struggle let down my wall. BE REAL…

So here I am wall breaking, mask removed to share with you that right now motherhood is a challenge 

HARD more like it, I am currently going through the phase where if you said to me enjoy them right now because they grow up fast. You would get this YES PLEASE CAN THEY NOW response from me.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOOVE LOVE my boys they are my world but this mama is TIRED. So as I sit here writing I decided for my first motherhood post I just want to share some encouragement/humor to help you through those burnt out moments in motherhood.



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